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Formerly known as (Houston Atlas, Fluid Data, Uni Cam, VG Gas, Kay Ray, Texas Nuclear, Sensall, Sarasota, Flow Automation, Polysonics, Westronics, Brandt, ONIX, PEEK, Measuretech)


Products include:



Analyzers:  Online Total sulfur Measurement, High speed Calorimeter, Process Mass Spectrometer, Sample Systems.

Density meters: Sarasota Liquid gas density measurement, Nuclear Density System.

Level meters: Kay Ray Interface Liquid Level Gauge, Continuous Gamma Level System, Point Level Switch, Nitus Backscatter.

Flow meters: Ultrasonic Flow meters, Turbine Flow meters.

Data Acquisition: Alarm Monitors, Smart Advisers Paperless Recorders, Smart Multiplexers, and Signal Conditioning System, Flow Computers.
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Rivertrace Engineering Limited (RTE)

  Products include: www.rivertrace.com     &n

GE Oil & Gas

GE (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, t

TC Ltd

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Measurement Technology Ltd. (MTL)

              MTL http://

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